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Shoshone Ice Caves | Shoshone, Idaho | History | Shoshone Indian | Paranormal | IdaHaunts

Located off Highway 75, just outside of Twin Falls, lies the Shoshone Ice Caves.

This natural wonder was first discovered in 1880, the caves are home to the largest known lava tubes at 1000ft long with ice depths of up to 30ft!.

Early residents harvested ice from the caves and it was humourously known as the 'only place where a beer was guaranteed to be served ice cold'.

An extremely popular location with Geology students, also named as one of Idahos most mysterious and paranormal active sites.

Local folklore suggests that centuries ago, a Shoshone Indian Princess, namely Princess Edahow, was buried within the caves walls, where she now waits and plots her escape route from the icy grave that has held her spirit for so long.

Some explorers have reported seeing shadow people who have quickly disappeared amidst the dark humid caverns. Whilst others claim to hearing the excited laughter of children from the empty desolate depths.

Tour guides and visitors have reported hearing hushed voices and loud footsteps eminating from empty caverns! 

Certainly full of intrigue and a fascinating location. The caves open for guided tours from May to September at approximately $10 per person, why not check it out !

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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