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Ghostly Giggles and Disappearing Entities at The Hollywood Theatre | Portland Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Oregon | America | BoiCGH

The Hollywood Theatre, located off Sandy Boulevard in North East Portland originally opened its doors as a silent movies venue, in 1926, making it one of Americas oldest original theatres.

In 1997 the venue was purchased by Film Action Oregon, a non profit organisation, who installed new seating and updated sound and screen systems.

In 2011 the theatre was renamed The Hollywood and also offered a micro cinema at Portland International Airport for waiting travellers and today screens a varied range of movies including classic cinema releases.

This theatre is known for its unexplainable phenomena including visual anomalies such as mysterious floating mists. The venue is said to be haunted by the spirits of Toby and Steve who were past workers here.

These ghosts are said to be non malevolent and pose no threat. In life Steve and Toby were best of friends and it is suggested they are harmlessly residually residing here today continuing playing pranks on the unsuspecting public.

Shadowy figures and disturbing sinister sounds of giggling echoing down corridors are all phenomena experienced after dark here.

Also the ghost of a blonde female spirit smoking a cigarette in the entrance hall has been spotted, believed to be the restless spirit of a ghost who still waits for her husband to arrive, unaware that he died in a car accident en route here. If you approach this spirit she disappears instantly.

Visitors claim they feel a supernatural energy passes through the theatre. Many have described encounters with full spectrum apparitions in the entrance hall, one male one female, accompanied by the sensations of being followed and watched.

It comes as no surprise that paranormal investigators report exceedingly high EMF (electromagnetic field) readings here.

However, would you agree that probably the most sinister phenomena experienced here is encountered by night staff. At the end of a long shift, staff claim they sometimes see a dark figure sitting alone on the far back row seating area. As they approach they see it is a female. As they get even closer, she disappears.

Lots of activity with no interaction, it would seem these hauntings are of a residual nature. Fascinating nonetheless.

Enjoy the show.

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