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Sleep Paralysis | You Are Never Alone | Community | Resources | Help | BoiCGH

Sleep Paralysis is a very real experience to many.

Those who have gone through it will tell you just how traumatic this event is. An episode of sleep paralysis can leave one completely exhausted, with feelings of rising panic and confusion.

As many as 65% of us are likely to experience sleep paralysis, I myself have also suffered it. Usually people will report just one episode, but sadly there are others who report it as an ongoing problem. Experiences may slightly differ, however, one thing that is certain across the board is that sleep paralysis is ALWAYS terrifying. One may become totally immobilised, encounter hallucinations, confusion, a feeling of suffocation and even speech loss.

It has been discussed amongst psychologists that sleep paralysis may be linked to emotional distress and current life circumstances. Some believe it is a dream like scenario, others vehemently state that they are wide awake throughout this experience.

The truth is that we will never really know, or all agree on, exactly what sleep paralysis is. So we won’t waste time trying to.

But what we will endeavour to do, here at Boise City Ghost Hunters, is to move forward and offer viable avenues of practical help in aiding our community.

We may not have all the answers but we are a listening ear, a point of contact, and a reliable resource.

For anyone who currently believes they are suffering episodes of sleep paralysis, there ARE avenues of help available. Always know that. Never feel alone or desperate.

These suggestions have helped many and we hope they can help you too.

Ensure that you are getting enough rest and that your sleeping conditions are adequate. For example, nicotine, alcohol, bluelight screens, are all to be avoided at least two hours before rest.

Ensure the room you sleep in is at a comfortable temperature. Not to hot not too cold.

Increase activity/exercise levels during each day.

The American Association of Sleep Management state that sleep paralysis MAY be linked with psychiatric problems and urge that those suffering contact their Doctor or General Practitioner for further diagnosis and testing. It may anything from narcolepsy, bipolar disorder, sleep apnea. Further testing is required in most cases and there ARE helpful treatments and solutions out there.

Many claim that CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) helped immensely with anxiety and stress levels which eased their paralysis episodes.

We hope this article is of help to someone out there.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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