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Sleep paralysis??? | Paranormal | Idaho | Community

Anyone ever experienced paralysis ? A few years back i was suffered alot of trauma. One night i had not long gone to bed, i lay down. The lights were off. I suddenly realised i literally could not move, not even a hand or foot. I could not speak either. I lay there, helpless. I looked to the bedroom door and was horrified to see a black shadowy cloudy figure moving towards me! I couldnt even scream. I had to just close my eyes and will myself to muster as much energy as i could to try and call my husbands name, it came out as a weak whisper and i still could not move. I felt like i was literally suffocating! I could sense such a horrific negativity fill the whole room. After about fifteen minutes of trying, i finally got the energy back and shouted my husband. It only happened once and i hope it never happens again!!! .Ive heard some people believe this is some sort of demonic attack, whilst others are of the opinion it can be induced by stress or fatigue.  Please comment if you have had similar experiences or know someone that has.

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