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Smurl Haunting | Pope Benedict | Exorcism | Pennsylvania | Ed & Lorraine Warren | Catholic | Religion | BoiCGH

According to Fr. Gabriele Amorth the devil feared then Cardinal Ratzinger more than Pope John Paul II.  Cardinal Ratzinger went on to become Pope Benedict XVI.  

The Warren's when failing to exorcise a succubus during what was one of their most unshakable haunts, called upon Cardinal Ratzinger to assist in assigning an exorcist from the Vatican.  Cardinal Ratzinger forwarded the case to Rome.  Where an exorcist was deployed to the Smurl home in  Pennsylvania to perform a Rite of Exorcism.

Later, then Pope John Paul II granted an Exorcism on the Smurl family.  

This was a separate quote from Pope John Paul II that is worth repeating - “In the inner heart of every person the voice of God and the insidious voice of the Evil One can be heard. The latter seeks to deceive the human person, seducing him with the prospect of false goods, to lead him away from the real good that consists precisely in fulfilling the divine will” (Angelus, March 9, 2003).


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