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Speke Hall, Liverpool, UK 🇬🇧

Speke Hall is a stunning, Grade 1 listed traditional oak framed Tudor manor house, originally built in 1530 under the orders of William Norris and his family who were a well respected devout Catholic family.

The hallway incorporated a priest hole, a viewing window (in order to see who was approaching the property) and an 'eavesdrop' hole which was a small outcut in the brickwork which allowed the servants to listen to any conversation of the waiting guests and if need be, inform the priest of any potential threat. 

Heiress to the property, Mary Norris died in 1766 and so the house was then released for public tenancy or sale. As a result, many changes were made to the home. 

In 1795, Richard Watt a Liverpool sea merchant purchased the property and Adelaide Watt restored the house to its original glory. Sadly Adelaide died in 1921 at the young age of just 21!

Subsequently Adelaides butler, Thomas Watmore looked after the home with many staff until 1943 when ownership was passed to the UK National Trust Foundation. 

In the main courtyard there are two ancient yew trees called Adam and Eve, a popular feature with guests. 

There are said to be many ghosts who refuse to leave this beautiful mansion. Dark shadows are often seen floating in the Great Hall. Many visitors experience a intense feeling of oppression. 

The story goes like this, that Mary Norris, rather than find a way to cope with her husband William Norris's uncontrollable gambling habit, resorted to threwing her young son from the Tapestry Room window, his small body landing in the murky pond waters below. 

In the large Blue Room, many people have reported a whisper in their ear saying 'GET OUT!'. 

Also, in the upper level corridors, many have reported hearing footsteps and childrens voices crying. Could it be the Norris child still crying at his misfortune at the hands of his inconsolable Mother still echoing today that the guests are hearing? 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below! 

Visit Speke Hall UK this halloween, if you dare ! 

*PHOTOGRAPHS Courtesy of UK National Trust and GOOGLE WIKIPEDIA 


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