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Spend The Night Onboard a Historical Train Carriage | Deary Idaho | AirBnB | Community | Historical | Heritage


Did you know you can spend the night aboard an original historical train carriage, right here in Idaho?

This wonderfully restored 1909 historical rail carriage, is now run by the AirBnB accommodation franchise, and is located in the small town of Deary, Idaho.

This train originally ran the Washington Idaho/Montana route 1909 to 1950.

Ok so this isn't exactly the Hogwarts Express, and your not on Platform 9 3/4, but our guess is this is the closest thing you'll find this side of the pond.

What a fabulous opportunity to enjoy more of those precious historical moments sure to be a hit with children too.

Let us know if you have stayed here or plan to.

#historicalidaho #thisplacematters #historicalboise #historicalpreservation 

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