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Spirits of Salem Witches | Salem Massachusetts | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Proctors Ledge in Salem, Massachusetts, also known as 'Hanging Hill', is the actual historical memorial site of the 17th century Salem Witch Trials. 19 known executions and much sufferings have taken place here, usually by way of hangings. 

What exactly were the Salem Witch Trials?

In the small town of Essex County, Massachussets, from February 1692 and May 1693, the town was swept by fear, religious and supernatural paranoia. What ensued has been described as none less that 'the worlds biggest witch hunt'. The said crime was 'witchcraft'. But these were unfair trials as if you confess you went free, but if you protested your innocence you were hung! 

What do you choose? Claim your innocence and live or protest and die!? 

Throughout the years, hundreds of reports of paranormal activity have been documented at this site. One incident in the cold winter of 1692 is said to have set the wheels in motion for the such trials. Two little girls, cousins, namely Betty Parris (aged 9) and Abigail Williams (aged 11) began to behave very oddly. The local doctor saw nothing physically wrong with the girls but horrifically stated 'they could be under an evil hand or force'.

This initiated a tremendous unrest amongst the puritans, who believed that the devil and witches were always on the lookout for whom they could next possess. As news spread about the two little girls, so did reports of possessions, physical bodily contortions, fits and bizarre behaviours. Hysteria and fear swept through Salem. One lady even confessed to practicing witchcraft 'on the devils orders'. Like wildfire, rumours spread, and people fast began reporting neighbours to authorities for being witches. 

People were being killed based on what people 'said they had seen', there was much heresay with no actual solid evidence. Even worse was the fact that these killings became public events.

Churches announced that it was 'better to confess'. Those who dared to speak out would fall instantly under suspicion. The Governor of Massachusetts suspended the trials when his very own wife was reported as a witch.

Many believe that a spirit known as the Lady In White haunts the site today and visitors claim they have seen her apparition. Some have reported hearing unexplained disembodied voices emanating from the site and experienced severe temperature fluctuation by way of icy cold channels.

Could this phenomena be the tortured spirits who were so barbarically executed here? Are they residually haunting Proctors Ledge?

In 2016, on the 325th anniversary of the witch trials, Proctors Ledge was confirmed as an official memorial to its past victims.

Have you visited Proctors Ledge?

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Proctor's Ledge Memorial

Salem witch trials: Witch Hunt podcast tells truth behind the 1962  executions

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