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Spirits of Turmoil at Moon River Brewery | Savannah, Georgia | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting

Savannah is known as Americas most haunted city. Drenched in dark and violent history.

This early 19th century building was originally used as a hospital predominantly treating victims of yellowfever and later as The City hotel. Described as one of Savannahs most beseiged and paranormally active locations, the brewery is believed to be haunted by spirits who died in the 'Great Fire' catastrophe of 1821 which destroyed most of downtown Savannah and the cottonntrade warehouses killing many people. These spirits are believed to still inhabit the premises today.

Visitors have reported seeing apparitions, feeling icy hands touching them, feeling like they are choking and can't breathe, just like the victims who suffered in the great fires?

Or could they be feeling the presence of James Stark? a well known local gambler who was shot to death on these very premises.

The basement area is known to feel particularly oppresive and  items have seen spontaneously moving down here.

Ex bar staff report there being an underground tunnel system and hearing running footsteps and sounds of distant parties. One staff server reported feeling his apron being pulled by an invisible force.

Today the brewery is a proud purveyor of fine beer and cuisine and offer taste sampling events.

Why not book a visit and let us know if you sample anything 'more' than your usual spirits?

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 

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