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St Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire 🇬🇧 UK

With it's very own prison! The castle is today actually used as a hotel, with many paranormal teams booking a stay here to investigate the castle which is said to be brimming with ghosts!

Dating back to the 11th century, on the border of Wales, once used in medieval times it was used by King John as a hunting lodge.

Local historian Ross Andrews states that the castle has had an extremely violent and turbulent history.

Some visitors claim to have seen phantom horses, whilst other guests have been let into the main entrance by a man who literally disappears after he unlocks the gate! The same solid oak gate which has apparently been subject to terrifying poltergeist activity and been smashed against the wall many times.

When one of the rooms was renovated, the remains of a babys body were found above the roof area, and many paranormal teams have heard a child crying. The proprietor himself has heard the cries.

Many executions took place within the castle and there is a concrete post with eerily engraved notch markings, said to be done by the executioner himself, one notch for each person killed.

Groans in the night and clanking chain sounds are a routine occurrence here, with many guests checking out early as a result.

The west tower dates back to 13th century and was the old hanging room. Footsteps are heard constantly coming from the hanging room but upon investigation, nothing is there. Could it be echoes of past people walking nervously as they awaited their impending doom.

Some people enjoying drinks in the bar area often ask if the children can keep the noise down when no children are staying.

Graffiti etched into the walls by desperate prisoners hundreds of years ago, with words claiming their innocence, and other harsher words of cruel revenge.

There is a famous bed in the castle, with people flocking to come and witness its sheets which literally fly off the bed itself.

The beautifully renovated cellar room, now used as a rustic candle lit restaurant and a real hotspot for guests, is still very active indeed, stones gather on the ceiling and literally just fall like rain drops. Many refused to believe this phenomena until witnessing it first hand themselves.

A beautiful medieval venue with lots to see and talk about. Dare u visit ?! 

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