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The Many Ghosts of St Briavels Castle | Gloucestershire England | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | United Kingdom | BoiCGH

Situated in the heart of Gloucestershire stands St Briavels Castle.

Surrounded by deep and rich forests. These forests were the exclusive hunting grounds for royalty and elite, and were heavily security protected as a result.

During the reign of Edward I the castle was used as an armoury weapons factory, with manufacturers utilising local iron ore.

The castle is believed to be actively haunted by so many spirits that its owners have quit counting just how many there are.

Many visitors report sighting the full spectrum apparition of a little blonde haired spirit girl who wearing a white pretty dress.

In their Solar Room, during excavations, the small wrapped remains of a baby fell from the ceiling rafters and many have heard the unmistakable sound of a child crying in this room even today.

In the old Hangings Room where many were dragged and hung, the muffled sound of voices arguing have been heard accompanied by dragging sounds.

Others state witnessing a dark malevolent entity wearing a full armour suit which even gleams the moons reflection and has been caught on cameras.


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