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Built in 1902, the Idan-ha Hotel has been the host to celebrities, presidents, governors and mayors. It maintains its stature on the corner of 10th and Main streets, and is now used as an apartment building.  The Idan-ha still host patrons with a restaurant on the first floor and a  speak-easy of sorts 'neath the sidewalk.  It is also rumored, however, to be host to more unpredictable guests.  There have been several reported experiences in the Idan-ha Hotel, beginning in the 1920s after the bellman was murdered in a wrong-place-wrong-time scenario.  His likeness has been seen throughout the building, though his main appearences are on the sixth floor where his death took place.  One night while diligently checking floors, he opened the elevator to the sixth and was shot on sight.  Experiences with the bellman have not been reported as angry or vengeful; rather a young man still doing his job, making sure people arrive safely to their destination.  If you visit the building and feel accompanied to your room, as is often reported, it's just the bellman.The basement and forth floors are the other most active locations.  The forth floors was the site of murderous rampage of a jealous husband, killing his wife with a pair of scissors after suspecting her of an affair.  The entities of husband and wife have been seen on the fourth floor, however she also visits the basement gallery where her beloved buried her post mortem.  Reported experiences in building range from the feeling of being watched or followed and bad smells, to night visions of blood on the walls and being awakened by being pulled from bed.Whatever the experiences may be, they are surely not alone.

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Oh wow i must visit this next year! 

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