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The Punishment Wards Suffer the Little Children | Pennhurst Asylum | Pennsylvania Philadelphia | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

In the 1960 this building was originally Pennhurst State School and Hospital. It housed hundreds of mentally and physically impaired patients, mostly children, sadly neglect and abuse prevailed here.

Patients would often charge into walls headfirst through sheer trauma and disorientation crying out for humane interaction and care. Others were strapped down to cot beds for days on end with no social stimulation this would worsen already severe conditions.

Others were locked into 'Punishment' wards, most of these were children.

Heartbreaking to know those children really did suffer. 

With almost 3000 inmates, the  children were completely isolated as the facility was run independently,  from its own power plant and its own enforced security, this was the stuff of nightmares. 

The hospital became known as THE WORST EXAMPLE OF MALTREATMENT AT A PROFESSIONAL FACILITY. Criminals, orphans, immigrants were thrown in together with no individualised care. 

One physician explained in a documentary how he dealt with a boy who was a bully there. They intentionally chose their most painful form of injection which would permanently injure the child. Once such treatments were discovered by higher authorities the place was of immediately shut down.

As a result of the agonising tortures and death suffered here, it honestly comes as no surprise to learn that Pennhurst Asylum is rife with paranormal activity. There are some dark sinister forces here.

Many have witnessed apparitions, menacing shadow figures and even come face to face full spectrum manifestations. Intense icy cold spots are often felt as temperatures rapidly fluctuate and very disturbing childrens cries in the dark of the night.

Paranormal investigators claim to have recorded voices shouting "we're upset!" and "stop, get out!" and "now we kill you!".

Some have seen the spirit of an old woman in nurses outfit. Staff have had their legs violently pulled at and an old toilet is known to flush spontaneously if you mention the children.

The penitentiary is now up and running and open to the public for tours and investigations. 

Be respectful of the spirit world, as always.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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