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Territorial Ghosts And Disorientation At The Nevada Governors Mansion | Carson City Nevada | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Nevada Governors Mansion in Carson city was originally constructed in 1908 by Reno architect George A. Ferris who specialised in Neo Classical designs, recognised for his intricately fluted columns and Greek revival styled windows.

This is the only residence in Nevada specifically built for an elected official and was home to Nevada Governor Denver Dickerson and family, consisting of his wife ‘First Lady’ Una Dickerson and young daughter June Dickerson.

Governor Dickersons daughter June was born right here at the mansion.

The home has been structurally reinforced and expanded throughout the years.

Despite structural change, one thing remained, and that was its hauntings.

It is speculated that the mansion is actively haunted by these three separate entities.

The first is that of the Governor himself, the other two are his wife and young daughter June. Many believe these spirits are believed to be extremely restless stating that they appear to tirelessly linger from room to room.

Maybe they are struggling to cross over?

Do they even realise they have passed on?

However the majority believe that these spirits not only loved spending their active lives here, but they have also chosen to spend their ‘afterlife’ here.

Hundreds of visitors report that when they stand by the Grandfather clock in the hallway up on the second floor, they became alarmingly ‘disorientated’ and experienced an unnatural icy breeze gust through which causes the adjacent doors to fly open.

What occurs next will chill you to the bone. The three full spectrum apparitions of the Dickerson family have been seen to manifest. The mother is standing with the daughter June, whilst the General begins to ascend the stairwell.

Are the Dickersons trying to tell us something?

I don’t think the Dickersons plan to leave anytime soon do you?

Maybe they see us as intruders within the home they once so loved.

What do you think, can ghosts become possessively territorial of what was once theirs?

If so, it might be in our best interests to leave.

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