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The Abused and The Broken | Little Girl Ghost Begs for Protection | Dominion House | Guthrie Oklahoma | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

That place which sometimes enters your nightmares, care facilities with dark dark pasts. Welcome to The Dominion House, Oklahoma, where broken spirits of the past haunt the halls.

Erected way back in 1823, this hauntingly beautiful, yet eerily intimidating, mansion once ran as a Masonic childrens care home.

However, 'care' was not always on the agenda.

It is believed that many children were mistreated and abused at this property by inadequately trained and cruel staff. Some of these children were openly defiant. However, regardless of whether a child is defiant or not, nobody deserved what was in store at Dominion House.

It is rumoured that an evil headmistress killed a little six year old girl and buried four little boys here. There have many sightings of what is believed to be that little girls spirit who fully manifests, reaching her hands out, as if crying out for help and protection.

It comes as no surprise to hear of such hauntings when one contemplates the levels of turmoil, emotion and trauma is retained within these walls.

There are rumours of a nurse who committed suicide here by way of jumping from the belltower. Visitors often report a dark ominous shadow figures lurking around the belltower today.

Could this be the spirit of the unfortunate nurse, regretting her fateful decision albeit too late? Others are adamant that these hovering shadows are the spirits of the children who were allegedly 'broken' at the belltower.

Are these innocent children eternally seeking a way to be heard and tell of their cruel fate?

There have been claims of a mysterious yellow floating light anomaly also spotted here.

The home closed down in 1978 but was re opened and now runs as a wedding venue which is fantastic if you can omit its sinister historical past.

Let us know if you have visited Dominion House.

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