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The Albert Dock Phantoms, Liverpool 🇬🇧 UK

The Albert Dock is a magnificent original Dock now revamped with state of the art eateries, gift shops and boutiques. I personally can recommend visiting as it is where we enjoy most of our familys special occasions. 

Steeped in history and an abundance of stories from actual dockers who once worked aboard the incoming ships.

Many reported seeing an old man 'jay walking' along the road who would completely vanish if you approached him. 

Most notable are the many sightings of a huge Titanic - like liner pulling into the Dock, with one worker claiming 'I was always terrified of working at the North Sea' Gladstone' Dock because my colleagues had seen the liner more than once, plus the dock backed onto The Pumphouse Pub which was said to be haunted by one of the old pump attendants. 

In the sixties, one worker was driving into work when as he approached the docks he claimed the road in front of him began to alter shape and move, however some claim it may have just been night rats on the tarmac. Who knows? 

Perhaps the eeriest happening was when one of the workers was sandblasting a cellar wall and he saw a pair of arms actually come out of the wall towards him then disappear! There are alot of original 'slave chains' still hanging from the brickwork. 

If you are ever in England it goes without saying that a visit to these stunning iconic docks, a stones throw from the famous Liver Building, would be well worth your time! 

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