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The Apparition at Pendleton Public Library | Pendleton, Oregon | Historical | Paranormal | BoiCGH

Forget bibliofiles! How about a biblio spirit!

Pendleton Public Library in the City of Pendleton, Oregon is believed to be haunted by the ghost of an assistant librarian. On October 11th in 1947, Ruth Cochran suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in the librarys basement area.

Some say she went down to the basement to rest as she felt unwell. Others believe her death was due to suicide induced by ingesting a toxic lye soap. 

Ever since Ruths death there has been alot of ghostly phenomena going on here!

Many visitors report that they have seen Ruths ghost (full body apparition) and others say they have to heard audible footsteps shuffling amongst the desks when the room was empty! Books fly off shelves and the intercom system spontaneously activates!

A library patron reported that 'there is a very strange feeling within the library which makes many visitors feel uneasy'.

So next time you fancy checking a book out, if you are in the Pendleton area why not check it out for yourself!

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