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The Benson Hotel | Portland, Oregon | Haunted | Paranormal | Historical

Just across from the Willamette River, nearby the beautiful Pearl District, stands The Benson Hotel.

This beautifully elaborate French designed hotel is hailed as Portlands finest hotel and said to be actively haunted by multiple ghosts! 

The Benson is the go-to meeting place for local artists, writers and business folk. In 1905 Simon Benson, owner, requested that construction managers use the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago as architectural design inspiration. Eight years later The Benson was opened for service.

The property houses 175 beautifully decorated rooms. Jimi Hendrix drummer - Mitch Mitchell sadly died, albeit peacefully, in his hotel room here in 2008.

Hotel management changed many times over the years and even included a $17 million renovation. Finally in 1986 it was placed on the Register of Historical Places.

Many guests have reported to staff they witnessed a male apparition who walks the 7th, 9th and 12th floor corridors, sometimes he is spotted casually descending the great spiral staircase, yet in different outfits as if he had changed for dinner!

Staff believe it is the ghost of Simon Benson, the owner as he was extremely particular about strict dinner dress code! The apparition has also been seen in the main bar area where guests drinks are frequently yet unexplainably knocked over! It was no secret that Mr Benson was the tee-total, he hated alcohol so could he be trying to convey a stern reminder?! Visitors claim to having actually interacted with him, standing to one side of the room as he motions with his hands to 'move out of the way'!

The ghost of a lady in a turquoise 20s era dress and a little boy stood next to her are frequently seen in the main dining area. Many believe this to be Mr Bensons wife and son, and staff have actually claimed they look so real they often leave toys and food for the boy.

Also a lady in a stunning long white glittering evening dress holding her clutch purse under her arm hurriedly yet elegantly rushes passed the main desk, as if late for an event!

If you are ever in the area it seems unheard of that you would pass this gem by!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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