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The Bernd Building Ghosts | Idaho | Historical | Paranormal | Idahaunts | BoiCGH

The 1907 built, $18,000, Bernd building in Sandpoint, Idaho, is a wonderfully nostalgic structure maintaining all of its original charm and features.

Due to other buildings in the area falling victim to quicksand during erection the wise decision was made to leave the buildings foundation standing on the original hardpan and then construction an additional basement area for solidarity.

Most of Sandpoints original brick buildings were constructed by the 1910.

Once known as The Lincoln Hotel, the building is now home to The Coldwater Creek Retail Store and a real treasured gem amongst the local community. 

If old buildings, history and hauntings are what your looking for then look no further as we share our exciting findings with you!

Back in the day when the streets comprised saloons and slot machines it is rumoured that the Lincoln Hotel served as a secret brothel house.

Local architects who worked on the building claim that the building is indeed actively haunted and that they have even witnessed a willowy shadow figure who delicately roams the property and even peers from windows as if waiting for 'custom' or 'business'.

Could this be a past 'lady of the night' refusing to vacate her territory?

Former residents claim that light switches activate spontaneously and erratically! 

Ned Brandenberger of Sandpoint  Property Management claims a young lady was murdered here!

The advice from locals who know the story is that as long as you let the 'lady' know upon entering the building that you are friendly and mean no harm she wont bother you! Unless of course you are looking for business.

Enter at your own peril!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM


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