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Rowton Moor Civil War Ghosts | United Kingdom | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

Rowton in Chester is known as one of the most haunted villages in England, and it's no surprise why!

During 1645 Parlimentarian forces besieged the great city of Chester and King Charles hurriedly assisted by implementing over 3000 surrounding defence soldiers.

Sadly more numbers were needed but sadly the reinforcement they so desperately required did not arrive in time.

Subsequently the troops were barbarically set upon by unrelenting Royalist guards who even pursued the troops as they surrendered and fled into the local village of Rowton and its surrounding moors.

There was much bloodshed, and over 600 deaths. The battle is now recorded as one of Britains bloodiest civil war massacres!

Hundreds of local folk have reported seeing apparitions sauntering across the very moors the soldiers perished upon! 

Paranormal investigators have identified clear sounds of gun shots, cannons firing, even metal on metal as if sword fighting was replaying through time, as well as mens voices shouting and crying out!


If you enjoyed our article you may be interested to know there is an Imperial War Rooms Museum in Chester City where one may view the commemorative Historical Museum & Gardens.

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM


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