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The Compasses Inn, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, United Kingdom

Nestled amongst a perfect backdrop of 'Dickens' era cobbled streets and cottages you will find the oldest and most haunted pub in Tunbridge.

Shortlisted as one of 'Kent's Cosiest Pubs' however u may encounter more than just the local folk.

Originally owned by Thomas Matthews who died in 1818 but passed the property down to his son John Matthews. It has been reported that a previous landlady Mrs Peek died at the pub during a violent altercation with a patron in November 1789.

Also it is reported a previous servant girl attempted to hang herself with sheets. 

There is certainly no shortage of activity within these walls. 

This pub is so paranormal active that owners arranged an exorcism hoping to end their ongoing disturbances.

It is believed a little girl was murdered in cold blood on these premises and her spirit lingers on holding much aggression.

Guests and visitors have reported hearing deep and heavy breathing over their shoulders.

One gentleman says he saw one wall of the bar covered in moving shadows when nobody was present in the room. 

One paranormal investigative team heard an extremely clear and loud voice from nowhere shout GET OUT! 

Many have stated seeing a lady in a white dress who disappears into the walls like a mist. 

Why not come and sit next to the crackling fire, order a pint of the local ale and let us know your thoughts!

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