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The Crying Waterbabies at Fort Hall | Idaho | Haunted | IdaHaunts

Situated along the Snake River on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho, is the Fort Hall Bottoms outdoor nature area is a well known fishermans haven with much background history.

Yet it seems there may be more than just angling activities going on here!

The ground is believed by some to be sacred native grounds belonging to Shoshone-Bannock tribes (pictures below) with many having died here.

Visitors to these wetlands have reported hearing the disturbing sounds of babies crying also many have claimed to witnessing an apparition of a 'faceless woman' who wears a long white dress! She has been seen along the trail, resting against a tree, long dark wet hair and as you pass her the sound of ebbing waters are heard!

One couple claim they saw a ghostly figure waving at them from a window in a nearby abandoned house!

Many believe that many years ago the Indian tribal folk who inhabited the area would let their children play in the river and many sadly perished in the water.

Some say that alot of children were intentionally drowned by their own families as they could not afford medical treatment and if children became ill it was a quicker death than some!

Maybe this explains the sounds of crying children? Locals are well aware of such cries and even call it 'the crying water babies'.

A fascinating place with great history! Why not try a spot of fishing! But if your easily spooked just dont go alone!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM


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