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The Death Pact Suicide Brothers Haunt Norwich University | Northfield Vermont | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Norwich University was founded in 1819 and now runs as a military academy. The campus reportedly has multiple paranormally active hotspots and is said to be haunted by two students who allegedly died here.

The students were two brothers who attended here and agreed to a death pact. The pair committed suicide, one hanging himself and the other shooting himself through the head.

What could have caused such desperate measures? All we know is that their spirits may be forever tied here residually.

Students have shockingly witnessed these brothers physically manifest by way of full spectrum apparitions in the Alumni Hall.  Those who live at the residence halls will frequently report feeling extremely unwell with raging headaches, sudden nausea and even difficulty breathing.

Could this disturbing phenomena be a resurgence of the self inflicted pain experienced by the brothers imminent to their death? Are these brothers attempting to infiltrate our realm?

Faculty have witnessed an apparition of a demonic looking male entity who appears to stand at the Chaplain Hall as if guarding the room. When the chapel was originally used as library, books would be seen literally flying from shelves.

Could this entity somehow be repressing the brothers spirits here? Are these brothers looking for an escape?

However, these aren't the only ghosts believed to haunt the University. On foggy nights, and usually before outdoor sports games take place, a ghostly woman has been seen running across the sports fields, disappearing into thin air.

Do you know anyone who has attended at this university?

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