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The Devils Playground, Pool Park Asylum, Ruthin, North Wales, Wales

Pool Park Asylum is located in the magnificent Welsh mountain town of Ruthin, North Wales.

If its friendly ghosts you're looking for, DO NOT COME HERE!

The asylum is said to be where the devil himself resides hence the name 'devils playground'.

Built in early 1860's and used as a psychiatric hospital, and later as a 'Prisoner of War' base during World War 2.

A popular hotspot with paranormal investigators due to its rumoured and extremely malevolent residual energies.

However most teams remain hesitant to investigate and are too frightened to even set foot inside after one visitor was physically pushed and dragged backwards across a floor, others have been pushed and pulled and witnessed loud screaming, could this be the WW2 prisoners seeking their revenge?

Some teams have recorded clear audible footsteps and words such as 'DEVIL'  'WITCHES' and 'WE ARE HERE!' on EVP recorders. 

Many who have dared to enter will instantly feel violently nauseated, dizzy, cold. The locals say it was a satanic ritual site and still is used for secret ritual meetings to this very day! 

Local folk believe the asylum to be a portal to hell itself!

Dare u even think about visiting Pool Park Asylum?! That is up to you! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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