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Evil Presence of Jeffrey Dahmer at The Ambassador Hotel | Milwaukee Wisconsin | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, one of Americas most notorious serial killers, also known as the Milwaukee cannibal and necrophiliac, lived by his own rules, rape, torture, kill, eat, nothing was off the table (no pun intended). Dahmer, from Ohio, was eventually convicted of murder in 1992 and was beaten to death in prison two years later.

The Ambassador Hotel has been an iconic social fixture since 1928, erected by Urban Peacock Construction who specialised in 1920s art deco designs featuring stunning marbled floors, regal moldings, pillars and enchanting candle sconces. This hotel was a hit with famous guests such as The Beatles, Liberace (Walter Busterkeys) and President John F. Kennedy. 

For a short time the hotels' glory days were darkened as people began associating the venue with the name Jeffrey Dahmer. However, General Manager Amy Schneider states that hotel has become a growing pillar of success rather than a creepy place due to the community successes.

In September 1987 Dahmer was released on probation for molestation charges. He immediately booked room 507 at the hotel and later murdered his very first victim Steven Tuomi here, smuggling his dead corpse out in a suitcase. Guests who have stayed in this room claim to being woken up by a malevolent presence and unexplained letters written on bathroom mirrors. The most sinister phenomena experienced here is a feeling of being physically pushed from the bed.

Could this be reminiscent of how victim Steven Tuomi was treated?  

The only time it was ever truly over for his victims was if he ate them. As a necrophiliac, his terror continued, even after death. 

Visitors often report hearing unexplained screaming sounds followed by intense feelings of being overcome by complete terror. Paranormal investigators who have stayed in room 507 described the atmosphere as 'purely evil' claimed they captured Dahmers unmistakeable apparition on camera.

Could the evil have been so heinous here that it supernaturally drapes heavily in the air today?

With the recent serial killer craze and fascination surrounding the history of Dahmer, with many even sporting fashion fan apparel, maybe this hotel is predicted for revival.

Why not enjoy a cocktail in the lounge bar, enjoy dinner or book a room for the night. But be sure to let us know if you encounter the evil presence of Jeffrey Dahmer.

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