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The Fine Line of Photography | Over and Under Exposure | Informational | Camera | BoiCGH

Often we receive emails and messages about photos looking mysterious and spooky.  And often we respond with the same response.  So many times photos are captured in poor lighting.  Sometimes unfortunate timing with the surrounding environment can affect your image.  Below are some of the possible reasons and solutions for those images that leave you with questions...

The ISO(International Standards Organization) is the light sensitivity sensor for your digital camera.  If the ISO is too high your image may result in overexposure. Get a feel for the overall lighting.  If in a room with poor lighting you will want to have the ISO on your camera at a higher setting.  It is recommended to be set at 1600.  The ISO should be approximately 800 inside with decent lighting.  If you are shooting outside in minimal light your camera should be set at 400 ISO.  Contrarily, it should be set at 100 on a clear sunny day.

As part of the exposure triangle the aperture should be set at medium to high.  The aperture is the opening of the camera that allows light to enter.  If the aperture in incorrectly set,  your images can result in overexpose or underexposure.  

On some cameras you will find the ability to tell your camera to overexpose or underexpose your shots.  This is called exposure compensation...

We realize that not everyone wants to be in full photographer mode to simply take a few pictures as life seems to rush by.  However, these steps may help in the future to eliminate the mystique of that mist that seems to appear out of thin air on your images.  We at Boise City Ghost Hunters Paranormal Research and Investigations will always welcome any images you have questions on.  We will always strive to educate ourselves and our clients along the way.

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