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The Four Crosses Inn | England | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

The Four Crosses is a 17th century coaching inn, built with reclaimed ships timbers!

Situated on a busy main road, dating back to Roman times and has had many reports of poltergeist activity and ghostly apparitions.

Chris Arnold, a local paranormal investigator, states that coaching inns were very important in those days, and probably would be the equivalent to our motorway services today.

Men with their horses would stop for rest and be fed and watered maybe enjoy a pint or two of beer to sustain them along their journey, then set off on the road again.

Mr Arnold states that many ladies have reported hearing loud bangs and moans and cries of children whilst in the bathrooms/ toilets.

In the Snug Area of the bar guests often see glasses forcefully being thrown and many have recorded actual footage of such activity.

Many deaths took place on the outside road, as men would become drunk inside the pub then walk outside, not checking the oncoming traffic, and sadly be killed that way. Sadly a little girl also lost her life this way.

About ten years ago a member of the bar staff saw a full body apparition of a teenage girl walk up to the bar, reach out her hand, turn around and proceed to walk straight through a wall! The bar lady promptly quit her job she was so shocked at what she had witnessed. Many say it is the ghost of the girl who was killed on the road outside.

A worker from the local Marsdens brewery booked room 3 at the hotel. Upon arriving he could clearly hear that room 3 was being occupied as he could hear two male voices arguing. He informed the staff he would be happy another room if room 3 was no longer available. However staff informed him that room 3 was unoccupied!

Upon entering the room he heard a loud audible voice say 'JUST A MINUTE'. 

Another guests says when they stayed in Room 3 they heard knocks on the door but nobody was there, the landlord states their ghost may have a sense of humour.

In the attic area, prisoners were kept, the coaches would come in off the roads carrying prisoners. Many died here and some say they hear a voice shouting 'WHOSE THERE?' followed by running footsteps!

One of the most haunted inns in England, yet in a beautiful chocolate box village setting! Why not pay the Four Crosses Inn a visit.

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