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The Ghost of Harriet Huntress at Keene State College | New Hampshire | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Huntress Hall located on the campus of Keene State College, New Hampshire, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Harriet Huntress who has made her presence known here for over seventy years.

Erected in 1926, the campus was built to house up to 157 female students and was named in honour of Harriet Huntress, the schools original Board of Education Director (1860-1892). 

Harriet strongly disagreed with males and females mixing on the same campus and implemented a strict female only rule. During the second World War the American Navy placed many of their trainees here. It was around this time that people began reporting strange and unexplained paranormal phenomena. Is this coincidence or was Harriets spirit somehow vexed at this male intrusion? 

Scholars believe that Harriet is extremely upset with todays modern 'co ed' set up, and that she supernaturally monitors the halls today. Harriet is known to become particularly perplexed upon witnessing public signs of affection and will do her very best to torment romantically involved couples!

Could this be Harriets final attempts at scaring the boys away?

Many couples here claim to seeing Harriets angry face reflected in dorm mirrors with some even waking to see her full apparition stood menacingly at the foot of the bed. Staff believe Harriet is responsible for the bathroom taps turning on and off, unexplained creepy whispers and doors slamming in empty corridors.

During the later stages of Harriets life she was confined to a wheelchair which is now kept in the attic. Staff frequently claim to hearing the wheels of this wheelchair rolling and squeaking about the attic with no viable explanation.

Would you be brave enough to enrol here?

A word of warning : you might want arrange your date nights elsewhere as Harriet may be on night patrol.

Huntress Hall · Keene State College

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