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The Ghost of Lady Bluebeard | Old Idaho Penitentiary | Idaho | IdaHaunts

Lyda Southard known as Idahos very own 'Bluebeard serial killer' lived from October 16th 1892 to February 5th 1958.

It is believed that she murdered four husbands, and her only child, a daughter (Lorraine Dooley by way of arsenic poisoning). It is also believed she killed her brother in law! Although the law courts only ever confirmed that she killed her last husband, Edward Meyer.

Lyda had in total married seven times!

One husband died of poisoning. One died of suspected typhoid. Another two passed away with severe flu. By this point people were beginning to catch on as to what really was going on!

The local pharmacist situated in Twin Falls became alarmed at all the people supposedly 'falling ill and dying' around Mrs Southard and ordered that the deceased bodies be immediately exumed! It was then it was discovered all the victims had been poisoned with arsenic!

Lyda was sentenced to a life sentence at the Old Idaho Penitentiary from where she actually escaped and fled to Colorado and re married a Mr Harry Whitlock. Mr Whitlock eventually aided authorities in her re arrest. She died in 1958 and was laid to rest at Sunset Memorial Park in Twin Falls.

Many have reported seeing Lydas apparition at the Penitentiary and believe her spirit to be trapped there.

The Penitentiary officially closed in the 1970s but is a well known tourist attraction with a multitude of fascinating exhibits. The site is especially popular with paranormal enthusiasts. Why not check it out yourself!

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