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The Ghost of Lincoln | The White House | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

President Lincoln will always be honourably remembered for his perseverance. A man from humble beginnings determined to play his part in ending slavery in America. His speeches to the people are recorded historically as the most poignant ever written.

Close friend of Lincoln, Ward Hill Lamon, told of how Lincoln dreamed of his own untimely death. Lincoln told how one night he heard the sound of crying so went downstairs. To his astonishment he saw soldiers stood around a casket and heard them say 'the president was killed by an assassin'.

Another unexplained incident experienced by the President was in 1860, just after his election, Lincoln claims he looked into a bathroom mirror and saw two reflections of his face, one was himself whilst the other was 'a pale imitation of himself'. Lincoln was troubled by these strange happenings.

Ever since that fateful night at the Fords Theatre on April 14th 1865, when President Lincoln was shot, countless people have reported witnessing 'the ghost of Lincoln' around the White House.

1942, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands claimed she heard a knock at her guest room door, when she answered she was greeted by the spirit of Lincoln who appeared to be 'smiling in a mischievous manner. Wilhelmina duly fainted.

British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill was surprised to see Lincolns ghost casually standing next to the open fireplace in his room. Churchill was half dressed, as he had just taken a bath, and greeted Lincoln in good humour with 'good evening Lincoln, you appear to have caught me at a disadvantage'.

In 2009 Michelle Obama claimed she hears strange noises emanating from the hallways at night. Others say they have felt something 'grabbing at their feet' whilst in bed.

Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of President Bush said she heard unexplained 1920s piano music in her room. President Ronald Reagan states that his dog refused to enter Lincolns old room and would bark frantically at the entrance door.

Staff and visiting statesmen claim that unexplained bangings, doors slamming, mysterious disembodied voices, are all a regular occurrence at the White House, they believe Lincoln to be roaming the halls in spirit today.

Could Lincoln have unfinished business to attend to?

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