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The Ghost of Murder Victim Carrie Ann Jopek | Murder Files | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

In 1982, 17 year old Jose Ferreira was accused of murdering 13 year old Carrie Ann Jopek (both pictured below). 

The two were attending the same party and Jose enticed Carrie down into the buildings cellar. It is alleged that Carried became frightened and wanted to go back crying 'i don't think this is a good idea'.  She tried to run back up the stairs but Jose told here 'you're going down there'.

Jose pushed her and she broke her neck when falling down the stairs. We won't share details here of what ensued thereafter. Jose smuggled her body out of the house and buried her under a neighbours porch.

Seventeen months later her body was discovered yet this case remained unsolved for many years. Meanwhile, Jose claims he was being haunted by Carries ghost and became fearful for his life, he could not bear it any longer and voluntarily walked into a police station and confessed his crimes in full. 

Was Carrie seeking her revenge for the horrors she suffered at the end of her life? Maybe Carrie wanted to ensure her killer did not truly 'get away with murder'.

What do you think?

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