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The Ghostly Chimes of Big Ben, Westminster, London, 🇬🇧 UK

Hailed as the most loved clock in all the world, Big Ben who is officially called The Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. The actual bell being inscribed 'Sir Benjamin Hall' who commissioned its construction in April 1858.

Fascinating to know that a lawyer and astronomer designed its clock face movement which was made from iron and copper, with a total pendulum length of 4.4 metres! 

There are exactly 399 steps and 11 floors to the top of the tower.  Big Ben has been featured in many a Doctor Who episode and stolen the spotlight in many a Hollywood movie. 

A third of the way up, there are actual prison cells which were previously used for anyone who breached Parliaments Codes of Conduct! 

There are many superstitions about Big Ben but not many actually recorded. However, folklore suggests that should Big Ben spontaneously chime at midnight that evil will befall all who surround it within 2 months. 

One evening the members of Parliament, who reside a stones throw away in the Houses of Parliament, were astonished to hear Big Ben chime every fifteen minutes which was not scheduled! The chimes continued until the final thirteenth clang. Two months later Prince George's brother died! 

Many visitors claim to have seen shadow figures dance across the tower at night and some even say they have spoken to staff dressed in Beefeater cloaks, strange thing being there are no staff!

An iconic landmark to visit if you are ever in London!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE. COM

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