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The Ghostly Projectionist | The Egyptian Theatre | Boise, Idaho | BoiCGH| Historical | Paranormal | IdaHaunts

The Egyptian Theatre in Boise is the citys oldest working theatre. Built in 1927 as the Ada Theatre it is one of very few original Boise buildings to have survived the years architecturally!

Inspired by King Tutankhamun, whose tomb discovery catapulted the theatres popularity, the venue comprises many structural wonders such as grand lotus bud pillars, winged scarabs, hieroglyphic detail and golden goddesses.

Actor Aaron Paul booked the theatre to make an appearance in the tv hit series BREAKING BAD (the 14th episode). Also Matt Damons THE BOURNE IDENTITY was premiered here.

The theatre has been featured on numerous televised ghost hunting shows as it seems it was not only the building which survived the test of time, as many believe the theatre to be haunted by Joe, a previous projectionist who worked here from the 1920s. Joe sadly suffered a heart attack in 1950 whilst walking the theatre steps to his projection room.

Many visitors and staff have reported experiencing lights going on and off unattended, doors slamming shut, eery sounds and even odd aromas. Some even claim they have felt some invisible force touch them and others have heard loud laughter. Joe was known as a joker so many believe it to be his laugh that is heard.

There has also been a ghost of a lady in a 1920 style dress who smiles kindly and harmlessly passes by.

Only recently, during one stage performance the ceiling began to literally crumble and parts crashed down onto the stage, many believe Joes spirit was responsible! 

We feel its surely worth a visit !

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