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The Ghostly Trails at Cherry Springs Nature Park | Pocatello, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | IdaHaunts

There is a reason Pocatello is known as Idahos most haunted city! And Cherry Springs Nature reserve is up there with the best of them! Read on to find out more!

The park is an extremely popular bright and colourful haven just brimming with trails, beautiful plants and scenery! 

However once night time falls darkness is not the ONLY thing which envelopes the area! There are many chilling legends and folklore tied to Idaho. Cherry Springs park is particularly associated with high electromagnetic (EMF) levels when paranormal teams have investigated the the area for activity and full body apparitions have actually been recorded on camera here!

Many visitors have reported a feeling of being watched or followed, with many feeling a strong uneasiness about the place.

So if fishing, hiking or camping are your thing why not check out Cherry Springs and see for yourself! But be sure to wait until evening if you want to catch a glimpse of the paranormal!

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