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The Ghosts of Codnor Castle | United Kingdom | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

Hailed as one of the most haunted places in England! Medieval Codnor Castle and surrounding land with farmhouse was established in Derbyshire, early 13th century after the Norman Conquest.

The castle was even mentioned in the 1086 Doomsday book, and is believed to be the site of a cold blooded murder as well as multiple suicides!

It is believed that a resident murdered his step daughter here! Also one of the land owners tied a rope to his neck and hung himself in the attic!

Another report is that of a lady who fell down the stairs breaking her neck. 

So what is it about this place ? Why has it succumbed to such tradgedy and misfortune?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that many rituals and witchcraft ceremonies took place within these old castle rooms.  

Investigators say there are strange markings on the walls. A warning maybe that this place hides a more sinister side? 

Maybe the souls who perished here still haunt the castle? Many have reported witnessing dark shadow people and even aggresive poltergeist activity and a seriously malevolent entity in the attic!

Codnor Heritage Trust say that whilst clearing the site of debris  they found hundreds of peacock coloured butterfly wings on the floor in one specific room. The next day the wings were gone but a beautiful peacock blue green coloured gemstones pendant lay in their place! A complete mystery to all!

Many report an apparition of a lady wearing a Victorian era hat and also stones being thrown at them!

It is believed that an actual soldier of the Knights Templar took refuge here! He is said to be a very unfriendly ghost and has been seen many times guarding the perimeters.

The castle now lies as old ruins as it was listed as 'An Ancient Monument'. However, they do offer Ghost Hunt Tours! So if that is something you would enjoy feel free to look on their website for upcoming tour dates.

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM


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