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The Timeless Ghosts of Twin Falls | Twin Falls, Idaho | History | Paranormal | Idahaunts

Twin Falls, Idaho, is steeped in a rich and decadent history worthy of touching upon here. With such history comes people, emotion, conflict, trauma, death and spirits who quite simply refuse to leave this busy downtown hub.

The historical quarter, around the Main Avenue area, is prolific for paranormal activity and we didnt have to delve too deeply to learn about some of the experiences local folk have reported there.

Aaron Adams, owner of a local eatery, The Bakehouse claims his staff have reported feeling child-like hands clasp around their necks! They also witnessed an eery ghostlike face peering from the upper bakery window one evening when closing up shop.

Another venue is The Historic Ballroom which is now a venue centre. Owner Sarah Taylor believes the ballroom to be haunted by Ivan the barber who used to work there. He used to sit and smoke cigars and vistors often report a strong fragrance of cigar smoke to this day!

Rayborn & Rayborn Law Offices claim an apparition of a late employee was seen in their elevator years after his funeral!

Stevens Pierce & Associates Accountant Ruth Pierce claims she was holding a one to one online web-cam meeting when her guest enquired 'who are all those people stood behind you ?' The room was empty. Could this be ghosts from the past watching to this very day? Ruth says many spirits reside there as if the building is a portal to other realms.

Sue McLimans of Bekins Ford Transfer & Storage says she has encountered multiple apparitions, one being a little girl, with the facility.  Sue later discovered that a little girl called Madelyn had sadly fallen and hit her head on a rock and died here in the 1800s.

Heather Melton, owner of a well known furniture store, claims their basement lights spontaneously turn on and off and a large shadow figure has been seen lurking.

The Orpheum Theatre is believed to be actively haunted by an old projectionist who sadly died in a fire.

Lastly, there is an old spooky house on Borah Avenue West which is apparently haunted by extremely loud noisy spirits who have been heard many times wailing and crying at nightfall. Anyone who ever stayed at the house suffered intense traumatic nightmares and heard loud running footsteps.

If you are a fan of the paranormal it goes without saying that Downtown Twin Falls Idaho needs to be your next stop !

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