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The Haunted McMenamins Hotel | McMinnville, Oregon | Historical | Paranormal | BoiCGH

McMinnville is the largest city in Yamhill County. The McMenamins Hotel in Oregon was erected in 1905, and is believed to be actively haunted by multiple spirits.

Room 306 is listed in the Hotel Log as the most paranormally active room in the building!

During the 1800s the hotel basement housed part of the local underground locomotive system which dispatched extensive cargo, whilst the upper levels were used as storage and a secret gentlemans brothel. 

Many report to seeing a ghostly woman wearing a long black dress walking the staircases here at night. One guest says he saw the same ghost lady actually rummaging through his luggage! 

Other visitors claim they have seen the apparition of a man in an old fashioned suit walking the roof-top bar area believed to be  the spirit of John a man who once lived here. 

Many paranormal teams have investigated the hotel and report it does not take long for the spirits to openly communicate with them! 

A grand hotel in a delightful part of the town where you will encounter many splendidly nostaligic rows of restored original buildings! The area was famous for their fine wineries and breweries.

Certainly worth a daytrip!

Why not visit the Hotel Oregon and take a look for yourself !

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