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The Haunted House of the Seven Gables | Salem Massachusetts | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Salem Massachusetts is well documented area known for its dark Witch Trials history which took place in 1692. During these trials nineteen innocent lives were taken and many believe the Seven Gables mansion to be supernaturally connected with those events.

This 1600s colonial mansion was where author Nathaniel Hawthorne was inspired to pen his famous novel The House of The Seven Gables. The home was originally erected for Captain Turner, and was known locally as the Turner House. Captain Turner was head of one of the most successful business families of that era who lived here for many generations. 

Amidst the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials, when people were being accused of witchcraft, the Turners built a hidden staircase and several hide out rooms within the home. The Turners feared for their lives, as even children under the age of five were being accused by authorities.

Next in line to own the mansion was Captain Turner-Ingersoll and his daughter Susannah. After learning of the homes sinister past, and staying in the home himself, he set about penning his now famous novel The House of The Seven Gables.

There have been hundreds of personal accounts of unexplained phenomena at the house including sightings of full body apparitions believed to be spirits of those killed at the Witch Trials.

Staff believe that they have encountered the ghost of Susannah, Captain Turner-Ingersolls daughter, wondering the attics with a little boy who plays near her side. Music has been heard emanating from the old music lobby and many have caught visual light anomalies on camera. Many state seeing spirits horrifically hanging from the gallows, just like in the witch trials. 

Could the Salem Witch Trial victims be haunting this museum today? Is their fate being forever replayed on an deathly residual loop?

Visitors to the museum often report seeing unexplained entities, shadow figures, doors slamming and lights spontaneously switching on and off.

The mansion is open today as a non profit public museum and guided tours are available for group and educational purposes. Advance ticket purchase is required so be sure to visit their website.

Or maybe you would enjoy reading Nathaniel Hawthornes book in the safety of your own home?

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The House of the Seven Gables - The House of the Seven Gables

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