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The Haunted Island of Daksa, Croatia, Dubrovnik

Seclusion.... secrets.... murder..... history. In this section we take a look at some of the worlds eeriest islands!

Daksa is a small uninhabited island situated in the Croatian sector of the Adriatic Sea and is famed for its Franciscan Monastery which dates back to 1281 and has retained its original architecture gloriously!

This idyllic island is also noted historically for something quite sinister!  It was the site of 'The Daksa Massacre'. 

In 1944 the island saw much bloodshed and murder when several hundred pro Nazi officers were arrested and expelled near Dubrovnik by socialist leader Yugoslav Partisans. At least 50 of those officers were executed here, one of those men killed was Mayor of Dubrovnik himself 'Niko Koprivca'!

It is believed that the spirits of these dead men now haunt the island and many are too afraid to even set foot here !

During medieval times it is believed Benedictine monks were actually evicted from the island during early 11th century by Napoleons troops. Folklore suggests that the monks, through anger and betrayal, cast a curse on the islands grounds.

The bodies were strewn across the island and on 2009 six of these bodies were discovered along the coastline.

Dubrovnik is a fascinating location and has been dubbed  'Croatias Cosmopolitan Jewel'.

Beautiful roaming peacocks and bright flowers are an every day wonder here. The two main islands linked from Dubrovnik Port are Lokrum and Daksa usually via taxi boats!

So whether its fine cuisine, island wonder or dark history you're after, Dubrovnik has it all! 

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