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The Haunted Monte Cristo House | Australia | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

The stunning 1800s Victorian style Monte Cristo homestead is Australias most haunted house!

Even more fascinating is the fact that for a reasonable fee one may stay here!

Once used as a Boarding School we are certain the students had their share of paranormal encounters within these eery walls!

It is said that this house beamed lights from every window and door opening way back before electricty was used! 

The home is a decadently visual delight of Victorian decor and proud owners Reggie and Olive Ryan resided here for over forty years, raising a family there.

The couple report witnessing an apparition of an eery ghost man peering through bedroom windows and the family dogs were often irritable and nervous when entering specific rooms as if sensing a negative presence.

What sets this place apart from other locations is the fact the hauntings are specifically known for being extreme in nature! Visitors report feeling an icy cold air which 'falls like snowflakes' over them that isnt consistent with the rooms ambience or temperature.

Built in 1884 by Christopher Crawley who passed away leaving the home to Elizabeth, his wife. Elizabeth struggled to cope with the loss of her husband and sadly became a recluse. She herself died in the house some years after.

There have been hundreds of reports of paranormal activity here including full body apparitions, passing shadow figures, banging doors, poltergeist activity and audible voices! 

Many believe the spirits are Christopher and Elizabeths. Others say many children died there when it was a boarding school. There was also a chambermaid who fell from a balcony and died. Many believe she was pushed by a spirit force!

So if you enjoyed our article why not brave up and enquire about a night tour here! IF YOU DARE!

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