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The Haunted Town of Rupert | Rupert, Idaho | Historical | Paranormal | BoiCGH | IdaHaunts

The delightfully historic town of Rupert may appear cute and cosy by day, but we dug a little deeper and discovered that there have been numerous ghost sightings, strange phenomena and quite frankly, some very creepy goings on!

There have been many paranormal experiences had by the people of Rupert. Here are just a few...

"We have seen shadow people literally walk along 3rd street!"

"Our friend has had so much poltergeist activity in her home its unreal and there are ghosts captured on all their family pictures!"

"As we drove the intersection we witnessed a giant black shadow creature cross the road in front of us! We did not glance back!"

"I witnessed so much paranormal activity whilst living in Rupert. We would see a little ghost girl and hear her say 'mommy am i good now?' My family were absolutely terrified!"

"We used to live in Rupert but the house was so haunted. Lights would automatically turn on and off, our windows would fly open at night and there were unexplained footsteps, we relocated within six months!"

Do you know anyone who lives in or around the Rupert area of Idaho? If so drop us a comment, we would love to hear your stories!

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*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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