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The Hellfire Caves | United Kingdom | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

The Hellfire Caves located just outside High Wycombe in London, England are quite simply.... TERRIFYING !

These underground cave chambers, established in the early 1700s, were used for many years by top secret societies as their satanic ritual grounds! Described as 'macabre' and 'disturbing' these caves are NOT for the faint hearted!

Groups of men known as The Hellfire Clubs would frequent the location. It is believed such things as rituals and explicit debaucheries were carried out here. The Francis Knights was just one division of The Hellfire Club. The member list consisted of many upper class and elite individuals including politicians, hence the secrecy aspect.

The heart of Paul Whitehead who was steward of the Club was kept in an urn here but was stolen! And it is believed Mr Whiteheads spirit now walks the grounds waiting for his heart to be returned! 

Many staff say they have felt a hand touching the back of their heads! 

Many claim to seeing a full body apparition of a man who seems to be searching for something as if lost! Could this be Mr Whitehead looking for his heart!?

The caves can be toured today and with sections called HEAVEN and HELL we suggest you dont go in alone!

There are demonic faces which were carved into walls by early miner workers which leads us to wonder what attrocities they witnessed down there? Were they trying to warn future venturers to beware of paranormal entities? 

Why not take a tour and find out for yourself? Where will you start? Heaven, Hell or the old Banquetting Hall? 

Photographs sourced at PINTEREST.COM



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