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The Iconic Hiawatha Rail Route | St Pauls Pass | Taft Tunnel | Historical Landmarks | Heritage | Idaho

The Taft Rail Tunnel, also known as the St Pauls Pass Tunnel, is a true historical wonder to behold and has a truly magnificent historical past. This rail tunnel went down in history as the last known 'American built trans-continental rail line'.

Originally constructed as part of the 'Pacific Coast Extension Project', the tunnel was completed in 1908, located along the Hiawatha Route, this is the states longest known tunnel at 1.661 miles. 

There were so many workers constructing this pass tunnel that a small nearby mining town was established, the town of Taft which was named after an overseeing visit from then US President William Howard Taft (Americas 27th President).

The tunnel was sadly abandoned due to insufficient monetary funds and sadly the 1950s saw in a decline in use of railroad commerce. Sadly the tunnel lay silent for over twenty years.

However, this was not the end! The tunnel was officially registered as part of the 15 mile Hiawatha Route and has since been graced with new lease of life and enthusiasm as hundreds of visitors enjoy riding this pass each year. 

Familes and outdoor enthusiasts have stated the Hiawatha Route is so visually breathtaking it has been added to many peoples 'bucket lists' with many describing parts of its 'jawdropping beauty spots' as something everybody needs to experience.

The Rail-To-Trail Conservancy Trust have described the route as Idahos 'Hall of Fame' and proudly guarantee the skylines panoramic scenery will 'leave you amazed'.

A most treasured landmark just waiting to be explored. 

Have you travelled the Hiawatha Route?

History in our hands.

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