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The K2 Meter | Informational | Boise, ID | Paranormal

The KII meter is an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector. It works just like the other EMF meters you may have in your ghost hunting arsenal. The main difference between the KII meter and other EMF meters is in the way that it displays information. While most EMF meters display a numerical value representing the strength of the EMF, the KII meter displays colored lights. The five-colored lights on the KII meter, three green and two red, gives the user an easy to understand indicator of the presence of EMF. The stronger the EMF, the more lights that light up, with stronger signals lighting all the green and one or both of the red. The lights are also easy to see in dark environments, like the ones encountered while ghost hunting. The KII can be held in your hand while sweeping rooms for EMF, placed on a table or bed during question-and-response sessions, and located within camera view in active areas for later review. As with all paranormal investigation tools, the investigator must be careful when interpreting “hits” on the KII meter. Like other EMF detectors, the KII is subject to interference from a variety of sources. Cell phones, walkie-talkies, appliances, and even nearby power lines have been known to produce false readings. The challenge for the investigator is to determine when a hit is false and when it is not. Only experience and further investigation can help make that determination. Here at Boise City Ghost Hunters, if evidence is ever in doubt, we will throw it out.

Interesting! Great post, i always wondered how they actually work. Thanku! So the KII seems favourable for its ease of use. I can imagine determining the energy source must be extremely difficult though. @mhroma

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