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The Lady In Pink at Grove Park Inn | Asheville North Carolina | Paranormal | Historical | America

The Grove Park Inn at Asheville in North Carolina was opened in 1913 by Edwin Wiley Grove who made a small fortune selling tonic which was said to help prevent malaria.

It is believed that the hotel is haunted by the spirit of The Pink Lady who died here in 1920 when she fell to her death from a fifth floor balcony. 

Many guests claim they have witnessed the full and clear apparition of the spirit whilst others describe a pink misty manifestation.

In the roaring twenties a very lavish high end ball was held at the Inn and many rich folks attended. The night ended all too soon after an unknown lady in pink died here.

Investigations revealed that nobody actually knew who the lady in the pink dress was! It seems she entered the lobby in silence. Staff reported that she 'did not check in' which led many to speculate that she may have been involved in an extra marital affair.

Previous Resort Manager Curt Davis claims he has felt a very eery presence about the place and witnessed lights switching on and off and seen toilet rolls uncontrollably unravel mid air!

One lady reported feeling an invisible hand push her out of her room.

The haunting is said to be particularly playful and very fond of children and has been said to tickle their feet whilst they sleep!

What really were the circumstances surrounding this tragic Pink Lady? 

Was she pushed?

Did she slip?

Was it linked to a clandestine affair?

What do you think?

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