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The Librarian Apparition at Waldo Hall, Oregon State University | Corvallis, Oregon | Paranormal | Historical

If you're a fan of Harry Potters Hogwarts Hall you will enjoy learning about Waldo hall, which is often nicknamed Hogwarts. Waldo Hall is the oldest part of the wonderfully historic Oregon State University campus, built in the late 1907 as a dormitory for girls.

Back in those days the ladies and gentlemen had to be housed separately but were allowed the occasional get together, meal or dance night.

Many students and visitors are attracted to the hall as it is believed to be extremely haunted! Especially its 4th floor where many students have reported seeing ghostly figures and shadows.

But why the fourth floor? Well, during the late 40s there was a much loved lady named Ida Kidder who lived on the premises. Ida was the on-site university librarian.

The library was located on the fourth floor. Ida loved her job and was grateful to be allocated an apartment within the campus. She remained a spinster, unmarried all her life and eventually died here at Waldo Hall during the 1950s and the locals believe the fourth floor became immediately cursed!

Many claim they have seen her ghost wandering the corridors and even witnessed an apparition believed to be Ida bolting the doors shut at night just as she did years ago!

Paranormal teams have recorded audible footsteps, knocking sounds and intelligent EVP responses.

Some students report hearing unexplained whispering in their ears. One student felt something tug at his clothes whilst walking the corridors alone at night immediately after spotting a shadow figure pass by and disappear.

The fourth floor has recently been heavily refurbished and students believe this has truly aggravated the spirit world.

Is Ida simply watching over her students or is there something deeper going on here?

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