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THE LODGE (2019) | Community | Saturday Night Scares | Movie Recommendation | BoiCGH

“Cleanse Our Sins…

                          Cleanse our Souls…

                                                                May The Lord Forgive Us…


Happy Saturday to all our readers. Please find below tonights Saturday Night Scares recommendation. I watched this film on its release and am re watching it this evening.

Drop a comment below if you will be joining me!

THE LODGE (2019)

Do you know what I find disturbing?

Radical controlled cult like religion which controls and prohibits the basic joys of life by instilling terror. That terror never truly goes away. When one suffers abuse by a radical religious cult, its after effects can last a lifetime.

This highly acclaimed psychological horror movie, brought to us by the iconic British Hammer House Horror Studio, will rattle your very soul. I personally really enjoyed the paranormal threads laced finely between scenes.

The film is described as ‘Perfect for fans of paranormal shows such as Destination Fear, who enjoy that rich dark atmospheric’.

And let me tell you, the dark parts will shock you. This claustrophobic horror pulls on psychological trauma with some genuinely bone chilling supernatural elements.

A family with two young children. The death of a loved one.

A cabin in the woods seems like the perfect retreat. But this is no vacation.

Little do they know they are about to fight their biggest fight yet, the fight for their lives.

A sinister doll house, a cult survivor, a basement.

The family become surrounded, tormented by sinister events.

This film does not let up. It’s pace is relentless with viewers describing it as ‘DEEPLY DISTURBING'.

Let me know your favourite scene and I will tell you mine.

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