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The Lost Ghost Woman of Potlatch, Potlatch, Latah County, Idaho

Potlatch was originally an old mill town. The mills closed around 1986.

A stones throw from the Scenic 6 Park there have been multiple reports of an apparition sighting. Witnesses claim to seeing a ghost lady who aimlessly walks the towns local park area as if she is lost or searching for something.

In 1997 a much loved local elderly lady suddenly disappeared and police set about arranging search parties.

Tragically, some years later, her bodys location was predicted by psychics and not long after she was found buried under some earthy forest just outside the town.

Some say she may have wondered off due to an alzheimer's episode. Others fear she fell victim to a sadistic serial killer. However, many believe the apparition to be this very lady as she searches for her way home or some closure at the least.

There are many claims of Potlatch in general being known for its paranormal activity! Unexplained  voices? Household items moving around and strange light anomalies are all the norm once darkness falls! 

Do you know anyone in the Potlatch area? Please like or comment BELOW! 

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM and PINTEREST.COM

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