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The Lost Souls | The Shanghai Tunnels | Portland, Oregon | Historical | Paranormal

Beneath Portlands streets are a network of hidden tunnels. The tunnels are almost 200 years old. Originally built as a communicational network between businesses such as saloons, hotels and traders.

However there was a much more sinister side to these tunnels. Mid 1800s as a result of its dark and underhand activity Portland was nicknamed 'the Shanghai of Oregon'.

Many men were kidnapped and taken down through the tunnels, forced into slave labour amongst crew sailing ships from the world over docked at Portland docks. The same fate would occur to women, yet they were forcibly turned to prostitution.

The kidnappers, who were ultimately the ship captains and crew would infiltrate local taverns, searching for strong men who they could use as staff onboard their crew, as many staff would be lost at sea due to disease.  They would  target the drunk folk, preferrably alone, as they were easier to entice away.

The term 'shanghaied' was used and sadly almost every family knew someone who had been 'shanghaied' taken, sadly never return to their normal lives.

Can you imagine waking up alone in a dark cold underground tunnel network?

Old Town Pizza is a restaurant in Portland which sits directly above the tunnels.  Originally a hotel linked to the Shanghai escapades. Many disappeared from this very building! Many celebrities regularly eat here including Jay Leno and Rachael Ray.

Many visitors have claimed to seeing the full body apparition of Nina, a woman in a white dress, who was pushed to her death down an old elevator shaft and died here. Some claim to hear her loud breathing and crying.

If you enter the underground tunnel under the tavern still accessible today you may hear footsteps just like hundreds of others have. Some have been physically pulled and pushed.

Its no wonder Portland was then known as one of the worlds most dangerous locations.

Sections of the tunnels are open to public tour groups today for anyone interested in learning about Portlands eery past.

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM



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