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The Most Haunted Place You Will Ever Sleep | Ghostly Phenomena at Admiral Fell Inn | Maryland Baltimore | Paranormal

The Admiral Fell Inn, located in Marylands Fell Point neighbourhood, dates back to the 1700s and was originally called the Anchorage Hotel. The Admiral Fell charmingly sits alongside an idyllic picturesque waterfront, but don't let that fool you!

This Inn is reported to be actively haunted by ghosts and the site of some truly disturbing phenomena.

Maryland is known for its dark historical past which often involved murder, gangsters, mobsters, secret brothels, illegal gambling and underground bootlegging. In the early 1900s, Maryland was by no means the safest place to be! This hotel was once the epicentre of mobster and criminal activity and many victims breathed their last breaths here, usually looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

Guests have reported waking in the night to witness full body apparitions standing beside their beds, and glimpsing unnerving phenomena such as fast moving shadow people darting about the rooms.

There were also many sailors who died here whilst being cared for by the Holy Mercy Nuns when the hotel was utilised as a YMCA back in 1929. Many have witnessed the reflections of these sailors in the hotels bathroom mirrors today.

Others have spotted a little ghost dog who roams the inn and the hotel manager has witnessed audible sounds of female disembodied voices and loud parties emanating from unoccupied rooms. 

The most haunted room is 413 where a murder took place in 1999. Christopher Jones was attending a medical convention in town and was killed by a man, Gary Mick, who had been stalking him for some time.

Many have checked out of room 413 early due to feeling fearful and housekeeping staff have reported rooms taking on an 'uneasy' feeling with the atmosphere changing and have even felt ghostly icy hands resting on their shoulders.

So, if you feel like there may be something under your bed whilst staying here, there probably is.

The hotel hosts historic ghost tours which can be booked online. Let us know if you do decide to check in!

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